Restoring a System from Your Home-Grown Encrypted Timecapsule Backup

the background

At home, our Mac laptops back up using Time Machine to a CentOS box running Netatalk (offering AFP service). This was set up more or less according to someone else's excellent blog post on the subject, with the principal difference being that the backups end up on an encrypted, Mac-formatted Disk Image (.dmg file) within the AFP share. (I'll post the link to that once I either find the directions again or write it up myself.) Because of this, a complete system restore from this rig takes a little extra moxie, which I've documented here:

the starting premises

the bullet list

the command-line fu

# to mount the AFP share containing the encrypted sparsebundle: mkdir /Volumes/timecapsule mount -t afp afp://user:password@w.x.y.z/whatever /Volumes/timecapsule # (where "w.x.y.z/whatever" is the IP address of your AFP host and the share name) # to unlock and mount the encrypted sparsebundle: hdiutil mount -readonly /Volumes/timecapsule/path/to/sparsebundle/directory/